Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Peak Foliage Burst"

  During this whole fall season, I have been in constant search for gorgeous color. Traveling from place to place. I know for some of us that season has now passed. For others it has barely begun.
 This image is for all you lovers of autumn out there. For everyone who loves the vibrant leaves that only come once a year.
  Although this wondrous time of year is short lived, it brings with it much anticipation for me. I marvel at every tree, every color, every leaf. I enjoy each step in crunchy leaves after all the beauty on the trees has passed.
 So until next year. We can savor what we saw, what we captured in photos. We can dream of the color, the scents, the amazing brilliance. We can wait longingly till the season of seemingly endless color returns!!
  I hope you enjoy this last bit of peak foliage!!

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